Icelandic [...]


[ Icelandic Online] from the University of Iceland - login required - free independent learning or paid tutored courses

[ Viltu laera Íslensku] Video based course

[ Learn Icelandic!] Audio course from Alaric Hall with supporting materials


[ Íslenska fyrir alla] Set of four books for beginning learners - includes audio files

[ Mímir] hypertext Icelandic grammar reference

[ Begingarlýsing íslensks nútímamáls] Site (in Icelandic) given a word, returns stems of which it might be an inflected form - Alaric Hall has provided [ instructions] in English.

[ Icelandic Readings and Bilingual Dictionary] from University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

[ Viking Society for Northern Research Publications] Many of these are older but there is some more recent material. Literary as well as linguistic resources

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